Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tactical Manual

One of the things I put together before our weekend get-away was an information book for my family.
Inside it contained contact information for us, doctors, local friends; maps to local places, etc.; a medical consent form; information about routines for each girl; a list of activities to do; a list of meal likes, etc.; and a few other things.
My family, the people we were entrusting to watch our girls; laughed over the books. LAUGHED!

Yes, to some it may seem like something extreme. But my family does not see the girls that often so I wanted them to be prepared, to know little things like M needs Tigger and Pooh at bedtime, that S loves to play dolls and make believe; that M can’t have bananas for breakfast because it stops her up….all that sort of stuff.

I wasn’t expecting them to follow it word for word but I wanted to be aware of routines, behaviors and who to call locally if they had a need.
Thankfully, even though they laughed, they each read it. Reading it was not a requirement to spending the weekend with the girls. But I was relieved they each did, even if they thought it was for my benefit.
And, yes! I’d still leave a tactical manual or other book of information the next time we go away.


y0mbo said...

I made a Field Operations Manual for Grandpa when he watched the boys in the spring. So you're not alone I'm being prepared.

Dark_Angel said...

Nothing but love for you Nina!

Dark_Angel said...

Nothing but love for you Nina