Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just the lift I need

I have become a Steven Curtis Chapman fan. I LOVE his new CD, This Moment.

Not only does it have his heart-touching song, Cinderella (which he wrote with his daughters in mind), but it also has a song called One Heartbeat At A Time. It is just the encouragement I need to be a mom on a day-to-day basis.

I just found this acoustic sampling of One Heartbeat At A Time, with Chapman explaining why he wrote this song. Please, moms and friends, listen!!

And for the full lyrics, go here.

I highly recommend getting his CD, This Moment. The picture posted with this blog is of C dancing with his Cinderella's.

I hope, in the future, to build my Steven Curtis Chapman collection. (Hint for those needing gift ideas!)

I really do enjoy his music and the messages within them. I love music a a form of worship. Music really speaks to me.

The girls also like his songs. We love to get crazy along with Something Crazy and we love to praise God along with Children of God, both on This Moment.

One another note, Chapman recently returned to posting blogs, five months after the tragic loss of his daughter, Maria. To view his blog, check out his Web site. I was able to watch the family's interview that ran in August on Good Morning America. My heart goes out to them for all they are going through. Like anyone else, they have questions. They long to have Maria back. But through it all, they have shown a deep faith, even when they don't know why this happened. But as they take a journey along a new road, they remain faithful and await the day they can be reunited with Maria, who is with her heavenly Father and dancing with His angels.


Jessica said...

Thanks, Linda, I needed that lift, too! We need to be reminded while we're in the trenches that our job is SO important! Oh, and Happy Birthday!! :-)

Amy said...

He is also one of my favorite artists. If you ever want to borrow an old CD of his let me know. It was the first concert Jim and I went to together and it was our first dance at our wedding. We saw him perform for the first time after the accident at Lifest and it was the best concert I have ever attended and he is so honest when he is on stage.