Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bring on the crafts and bake sales!

Now I truly feel like a mom! I now own a glue gun and a cupcake/cake carrier.
I am sure not all moms own those things but having them makes me feel like I've reached another level of motherhood. I know many moms from growing up and even today who have those items.
I bought the glue gun for a couple reasons. At Moms Inc. we made magnetic clips for the memory verses related to each meeting. Unfortunately two of the stones on my clip fell off that first day. I had intended to use Crazy Glue to re-adhere them but forgot. Then, this weekend, M took the pumpkin decoration off our kitchen hand-towel. We just so happened to go to a craft store so I decided to pick up a glue gun. It's a cool little thing so I am glad I have it. Now what to do next? Crafts? Repairs? Closing up open wounds? Just kidding!
As for the cupcake thing, again, felt like one of those things every house needs. Although, now I wish I had gotten the one I saw on TV, where you can do two layers of cupcakes. But it was one of those no returns, all sales final sort of deals so, oh well. It can also hold 24 mini cupcakes so if I really needed a lot of cupcakes I could just resort to those. But that would mean purchasing a mini-cupcake baking pan. :)

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td99 said...

I really like your blog, its great. I just saw the link on your Facebook.

I've had a glue gun before I was even married, but still no cupcake carrier. Those schools are so health conscious. I haven't taken cupcakes anywhere, but I'm making something (not sure what yet) for a bake sale at the preschool on election day. A cupcake carrier would be something fun to put on an X-mas list.