Friday, October 31, 2008

Beautiful cake

A couple months ago, S said she wanted a birthday cake in the shape of a butterfly. Knowing I would not be able to tackle such a cake, I turned to an expert. A woman we know (our husbands work together) has made cakes for several friends so I decided she would be the best at making the cake of S's dreams.
In addition to the butterfly shape, S wanted a cake with pink and purple colors (her favorites) and vanilla flavor cake and frosting.

Our friend Cat took the idea and flew! The cake is truly beautiful (and very tasty too!) Beyond what we expected! And very tasty too! Yum! (We are still enjoying the leftovers.)

If you want to know more about her cakes, contact Cat Buttron of Cat's Confections at or 920-205-5262 .

Thank you, Cat! We look forward to your creation for M's party in December. How are you at a cartoon character, like Blue's Clues? Maybe a cake shaped like the clue paw print??

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