Friday, October 31, 2008

Tender heart

For as much as we think M can be a brute (she can take a fall like no other child I know and has been known to hit her sister these days), she does have a tender, sensitive side.
Today was a little rough for her with the variety of scary masks we saw as we trick-or-treated down our street.
Actually, some costumes in general would set her off. She'd stop walking and cling to my legs, wanting to be picked up. I'd try to reassure her or encourage her to laugh at the scary faces but she'd want nothing to do with them. In my arms, she felt safe, though.
At our church Fall Festival she freaked out a couple times over a man who was getting splashed with broken water balloons. Basically it was a dunk tank without the dunk tank. There was a man sitting under some kind of apparatus with a water balloon inside. Someone would throw a ball and, if it hit the target, the guy would get a shower of water. The guy underneath exaggerated his movements with big shivers and cries and blowing out water.
M freaked! C had to take her outside to help her calm down. We stayed clear of that game for the rest of the evening!

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