Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wedding Chapel

I should clarify that today is our anniversary. I did the "Five Years Ago" post last night because I did not think I'd have time to post anything today.

Five years ago today I woke up in the wee hours, unable to sleep because I was filled with the excitement of my pending wedding day.

Today, in the wee hours, I woke up in the wee hours, only this time to the cry of "Mommy." M must have had a bad dream. She went back to sleep easily but I could not. :)

I wonder if the chapel will be in use today? Surely it must because it is a weekend and a perfect time to get married. I wish many blessings on the couples all over who are getting married today or celebrating their anniversary.

It's supposed to be a gorgeous day. If we have time today, I will suggest we ride out to the chapel. It is such a gorgeous place. An old church in the middle of the country. I remember in our early years, we would drive by the chapel on the way to visit C's folks. I loved looking at it and thinking about its history. I never imagined it would be the place where we would get married.

When we were planning the wedding we knew we were going to get married in WI, since our families are here. But where, we were not sure. We were in NC when we were planning everything. I happened to talk to a woman from the visitors and convention bureau here and she recommended a few possible locations. Later, almost as an after-thought, she called about the chapel. It wasn't until later, looking at the chapel's Web site, that we realized it was that same chapel! We knew it was meant to be. So much of our planning clicked into place. Especially my dress, which I got for $100!! We picked local, small-town type places for the reception, flowers and DJ. We did small things to make the ceremony and reception personal. We found a wonderful photographer, who lived minutes from the chapel and, we later discovered, attends our church!

God's hand was truly on everything. We praise Him for the memories of a truly wonderful day.

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