Thursday, October 23, 2008

Honest Input

I am doing some research for a potential show a friend and I are pitching.
We want to do a show geared primarily toward women but a male audience is welcome!
It will cover topics that go all over the board but be relevant to our daily lifestyles.
Would you be interested in such a show? What kind of topics would you want to be covered?
Do you watch The View? What do you think of it? Like, dislike, would like to change, etc?
Any honest feedback on the above questions would really help our research efforts.
And please keep this venture in your prayers!


Jessica said...

I don't know what you have in mind exactly, but how about posting short videos on YouTube (or GodTube)? Then you could address an issue, keep it short, and see how many views you get on your video. People could forward them to friends or even post them on their blogs. And it would be free. :-) Again, not sure what you have in mind...

I've never seen The View. I don't have time to watch TV, especially during the day. And if you are doing a show on TV or Cable, that requires people to get on your schedule, unless they have Tivo (which we don't).

There's my two cents. :-)

Joshua, Kara and Mihret said...

I have seen The View but those "sit around and chat" shows tend to bug me because I don't want to sit through the "banter." Live news interviews are interesting if done right, but I'd rather hear more intelligent conversation than the women joking back and forth and asserting their "personas." It seems those types of shows are less about sharing news and more about the hosts trying to take up time being "cute" and invade people's living rooms with their own personalities.

Josh and I still prefer to read our news (no bias there, huh? :) ) and we have our set shows that we DVR or buy on DVD. We are still keeping TV/movies off when Mihret is awake, so the time we do spend watching any TV or movies is carefully measured out. Our goal is to keep screen time to a minimum after Mihret turns 2, which is when we'd like to start some educational videos with her.
Our thoughts from the Patterson House...

td99 said...

That sounds exciting. I like The View. I catch parts of it sometimes at the gym. I'm not exactly sure what you're planning, but daytime TV is full of shows for women, but something more local would be neat. Good luck and I'll keep you and your venture in my prayers.