Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Wednesday

I'm pretty tired right now and am considering a nap. Maybe I'll nap on the mountain of clothes I have to fold.
I just don't have the energy. But that's because it's Wednesday. Of the days of the week, that one really hits me hard. Not sure why this happens. I've noticed this pattern over the last couple months. The week could be going along fine and then bam! On Wednesday this tired, irritable, blahness comes over me. Sometimes I just want to crawl under the covers and sleep. On these days I have very little patience with the girls and C. I feel snappy, drained, pulled in all directions and so forth.
Today has been OK, patience-wise. Although I should hold my tongue because we still have to make it to the grocery store tonight!
Overall, I am just tired right now. This couch is looking pretty inviting.


Amber said...

I've never really thought about this before, but I could see how this could be true. I found a blog that has word-filled wednesdays and all it has is a verse and a picture.... nothing more... it's exactly what wednesday's need --- let's get right to the good stuff!!

Jessica said...

I think that's why they call it "hump day", because you have to get over the hump of the week, which can be hard sometimes. Once you get to Thursday, you're feeling like the week is almost over and you think you can make it! :-) Good thing you have Bible study tomorrow morning!