Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Communication break down

The great meat deal I've posted about seems to have blown up in the faces of the parties involved. For all the updated and responses, check here.
Apparently, Omaha has gotten so many orders that they've had to back track and get down to the bottom if this with Geico. The gift card terms has since changed and Omaha is changing it's terms, leaving us customers in the middle.
Some people have tried to get the meat deal, which I've blogged about, only to learn that the gift card/conditions have changed. Some customers are also reporting that their orders are being cancelled or the free item is not being included.
I checked my order, which I placed this morning, and according to the e-mail I received, it as been shipped and should be here by Friday. However, on the Omaha Web site, it is saying the order is "in progress," whatever that means.
Some of the people who made the order are saying they've since received an e-mail from the company basically saying that the order will still ship but without the free item.
So we'll see what happens. It was a great deal and obviously a lot of people wanted to get in on it.

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