Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful Birthday

This weekend was perfect all around. What a perfect birthday weekend!
We spent Saturday morning at a fall festival where the girls got to decorate a cookie, play some games (although M was kind of scared of them) and then the girls got to trick-or-treat around the Farmer's Market and downtown. S was a love bug and M was a teddy bear.

The morning was a lot of fun until M took a backwards flop off a picnic bench and hit her head on the table leg. She had a nice bump on her head (and bruise on her tailbone) but was totally herself shortly after the fall. It scared me though so I am praying that she is indeed fine. She's been herself all weekend so I am sure she is. But head injuries always make me nervous.

I got some wonderful birthday gifts. C got me two DVD's: Season One of Pushing Daises and the 20th Anniversary edition of Princess Bride. My mom and step-dad got me some wonderful Vanilla Cupcake scented bath and body produces from Sephora. And, hopefully by next week, I will be receiving the complete DVD set of Scarecrow and Mrs. King, a show I absolutely loved as a teen.

The girls got me wonderful gifts as well. And they picked them out on their own! S picked out a pretty angel figurine and some stickers for my scrapbooking. M picked out vanilla scented potpourri and a box of chocolate chip cookie mix. :)

Later on Saturday we went to Red Lobster for some yummy seafood. It was a hopping place with Sweetest Day and local homecoming events.

Unfortunately by the end of the night I was not ready to dig in to my birthday French Silk pie. But that was OK because it became breakfast on Sunday morning!

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