Friday, October 17, 2008

Home-School Update

Earlier this summer I joined forces with a few other moms who wanted to home-school their preschoolers.
I chose to home-school for a couple reasons: finances (crazy expensive for preschool, especially on one income) and it's preschool so how hard could it be?
Some people might say it's good for the socialization aspect. And I would agree. However, the girls get socialization with other kids (without me around) at least a couple times a week through two groups I am involved with. So, knowing that area is covered, I felt comfortable home-schooling S until kindergarten.
A friend of mine created the awesome curriculum. And I got to help out with a couple letters. It was a cool process because the Internet is chock-full of resources!!! I love it! I always find something new!
We've been at it 6 weeks now. The curriculum our co-op uses calls for teaching two days a week. However, S is a little sponge and wants to do something every day.
So I've had to tap into the on-line resources and come up with more things. It's pretty easy since I just use the core curriculum as a model.
Also, thanks to the idea from a friend, I created a preschool box full of activities like patterns, matching, card games, cutting practice and more.
I love to use workbooks as well. Those are handy because I can give them to S while I put M down for a nap. She can easily do them on her own. And then, after M is down, we spend about another hour one-on-one.
In addition to the core curriculum, I have added Biblical lessons, including a Biblical ABC, verse (although we are not doing memorization right now) and coloring page. Sometimes I find an activity to go with it.
I plan to incorporate Spanish into our curriculum as well. My mom bought us a Spanish Bingo game, which teaches colors, food, seasons, vehicles, clothing and more. S loves it. My mom is also talking about getting the Muzzy series, which I've only heard about.
Our preschool co-op has also included field trips in the curriculum. So far we've been bowling, to the pet store and the apple orchard. I get a blast out of the field trips too!
All in all, this is a great experience for S and I. I am amazed at how much she is learning. She can write her name. She even started spelling it out-loud this week! Her coloring-in is spot on; all in the lines and everything. This week was grapes and giraffe's. She colored in a picture of a giraffe and carefully colored in yellow around all the spots. It was very cool!
I've had people ask if I plan to home-school beyond preschool. Honestly, I can say at this point, no. I doubt my abilities and so forth. But who knows what will happen in the next couple years....


Amber said...

I love to hear how things are going with school. Thanks for the update.
You're doing an incredible job - I hope that you see that! You are an awesome mom and teacher. I know you sometimes doubt yourself but just know you're putting some of us to shame :)

Ze Studentz said...

Here is my 2 cents.......God has fully equipped you with all you need to train your own children. Whether they are in school away from home or not, you are home schooling!!!!! Plus-for areas we are weaker in there are always answer keys:) I don't believe that the teachers at school are strong in every subject. They too, need tools to help them to help their students. I am sure as Amber said, "Your doing a great job."
Your a blessing and if your little ones new enough to say so they would thank you over and over for the work your doing on their behalf.