Monday, October 6, 2008

Going to town

C just pointed out that I am going to town on this whole blogging thing. As I might have mentioned earlier, I tried blogging but felt like I didn't have time, etc. for it. Besides, with so many blogs out there, who is going to want to read mine.
Then, after talking with my friend, I realized that really this blog is for my friends and family. So it is to you I am writing.
And now I feel like a gate has been opened and stories and blogs are pouring out. Right now. I can't guarantee that I will have something every day, which I know is not an expectation. But I hope to not let weeks or months go by between posts. I will try to post something as often as I can....or as I am inspired.
Enjoy reading and please provide feedback.

1 comment:

y0mbo said...

Keep up the blogging! I've finally gotten Jen to journal on our blog too, so we can encourage one another. It's great to hear what's going on with your family... It has made me realize how much I miss you guys. It's also good to hear how God is moving in your life!