Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where it all began....

This weekend, C and I are going away together for the first time in five years. We love our girls but we've never taken an extended time away. An opportunity came up this summer. An invitation to our Student Housing Reunion, as well as my 10-year college reunion. Sure, we decided, that sounds like fun. If anything, we were glad for a reason to go back to campus. And it's so pretty there in the fall.
Then we realized it would be an opportunity to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, which is next weekend.
I am excited for the whole weekend. Our family is going to watch the girls so I know they will be in good hands.
My hope is that we can focus on being together, without kids. I am prayingthe Enemy does not ruin our weekend in anyway. I am anxious to spend some alone time with my husband. And it's a perk that we are going back to our college, where it all began.
C has quite the sense of humor but sometimes people don't get it, and may feel offended by it; like he's being sarcastic. That was how I met C. I was new to the campus, even though I'd been in college two years already. I was moving into my first residence hall. Who should be there at check in? C. He took one look at my student ID and made some comment questioning my age. Wht a piece of work, I thought.
Later, I applied for a job at the front desk. Who should be the desk manager but C! I got the job and we became friends and then more. Our first "kiss" was meantto be a joke, I think. I was working at the front desk, talking to a resident and C came along to check on things. He was on one side of the desk and I was on the other. Something was said by the resident. C laughed. And the next thing I knew, he leaned over and kissed me. It was the briefest of kisses but had enough zip to change my life forever! As you can see, I don't recall the events leading up to it. Must have been that zap.
Shortly after, we started dating and, after many ups and downs, we married in 2003.
Life with C has been a huge blessing. God has revealed so much in these past 12 years. I see now he had a hand on everything even when I did not believe fully in him.
I am eternally grateful for His guidance and pray he continues to guide our marriage.


Jessica said...

So good to hear more of your story! Welcome to blogging! :-)

Joshua, Kara and Mihret said...

Happy anniversary, and praying for God's blessings upon your weekend! Hugs, Kara (and Josh and Mihret)