Thursday, October 2, 2008

Autumn is here

The girls and I had a wonderful time at the apple orchard yesterday. It was for a preschoolhoe-school field trip. The weather was PERFECT! The air was crisp and the sky so blue, when it poked out from behind the clouds.
The kids had fun picking apples. Marie got to eat an apple all by herself, even! And we got to learn about how they store and bag the apples. I found it to be educational.
Today, I turned the fruit of our labor into a yummy apple crumble. Yum! Unfortunately we did not have vanilla ice cream. But we've plenty of apples so this recipe will be back on the table.
The house today was warm and inviting with the smell of the apple baking and the pot roast I had going in the crock pot. I felt so domestic!

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